Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Introductions Please!

Hello! My name is Tonissa and I am 266 pound married mom of one.  Yep you read that right...266 pounds!! UGH!

I have tried everything from Atkins to Weight Watchers. Each program peeled off a couple of pounds, but then I would get bored with the food choices and restrictions that I would give up after a month or so. Once I gave up, the weight would return like nobody's business.

Over the last couple months I have been pouring over Tosca Reno's library of her Eat Clean Diet books and I have become intrigued. Could this be the one thing that finally works for me?
As I continued to do research on the clean eating lifestyle I found that there are so many more resources out there: recipes, websites, books, documentaries as well as blogs. I have visions of a thinner and healthier me dancing in my head!

I am so very thankful that I have a fabulously supportive husband. He is always the first one to step up and help me every time I start the next diet. He never says "Oh here we go again.  How long will it last this time?" He never calls me fat or tells me I should lose a few pounds even though sometimes I wish he would! I know what you are thinking, but I have this excuse that by him finally saying these harmful things they would finally be the motivation I need. OK, so after thinking that through it would never work, but hey everyone has that one odd request in their mind...or maybe that's just me:)

I have been trying new recipes and we have added a larger selection of fruits and veggies to the fridge. I have noticed a different in my son's behavior by just that small change. (Very Motivating!) We do still go out a few times a week for fast food fare. And let me tell just tell you that fast food is not very friendly to our systems.  Well these fast food trips are about to end!

I have decided to begin this journey by making a 30 day commitment to Eat Clean.  I will begin this processed food strike on June 1st 2012. I will let you all know what I am reading, eating and watching to make sure my journey is a successful one.

Stay Tuned


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