Friday, May 25, 2012

Meal Planning

The holiday weekend is finally here!!!  Mine will be packed with graduation, graduation parties and the baby boy is turning 4! Wow, where does the time go?

With all this going on this weekend I am hoping I can find some clean eating options at some of the places we are going to so I can start the sugar and processed food detox slowly. Otherwise June 1st will be filled with headaches and crabbiness. I have planned some yummy options for my son's birthday party like, fruit salad, veggie pizza, and pulled pork.

Somewhere in my socially packed weekend I will need to find some time to work on meal planning. My success in clean eating will depend on it. I made a template yesterday that I will post in case anyone is interested. I started it with Friday, because that what the first falls on, but you are welcome to change it to what ever works for you.

I have clipped and copied many recipes over the last few weeks, so I feel that planning should be fairly easy. I will pick two breakfast options, make one large lunch option that will last for 5 days, 3 light snacks and then one entree for each day.  The different options will hopefully ward off boredom as well as not making me feel like I am in a cage with the same fare being served everyday.

So I will bring this to a close so we can all get this holiday weekend started!!!!!  Have a great weekend everyone!

Stay Tuned


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