Friday, June 1, 2012

Day one-29 to go!

Day 1-264.6 LB
Day one is finally here. I am kind of prepared:( My plan to prepare all my food after shopping last night did not work out so well. I panicked at first, but then took a step back and made some minor changes that will hold me until Sunday.

First I needed dry yellow beans which I thought was pretty common, well after two stores and no beans I came up with a back up plan to just finish up the veggie pasta salad me sister made. It is Clean with the exception of the Italian Dressing on it. (Dang, my first mistake-Oh well move on!) It could be worse! (Ranch).

 I also needed fresh basil.  Well there must be an Italian fest in town, because both stores where out of fresh Basil.  This included the plants!  Then I had a bright idea...uh duh...maybe use some of the overgrown herbs I have under my kitchen window.

Ok, so they need a little weeding and it is also time to cut them back.  I will be working on that tonight!! I promise.Gardening=Exercise!

Well I was able to get all my veggies cut up, boil the eggs and get the yogurt cheese started (more on that later).

 This morning I started to get the pork roast all ready in the crock pot.  This lead to me 2nd Clean Eating mistake!

After I put in the potatoes, onion, mushrooms and pork I sprinkled Lipton Soup mix over it! (Dang it-Oh Well move on again!! These little mistakes are not going to derail me this time!!)

I did forget how much I hate measuring everything I eat and writing down everything I eat. I am hoping as time goes on I will know what and how much I can eat at each meal.

So after all that harried prepping this is what I brought to work this morning. I have put every thing in my Spark People tracker. I wish they had the 5 meal tracker and a place to put the time! But I found out that I could use the notes section to keep track of all that full stuff.

Here is my tracker for today.
I like to put everything in there right away in the morning, so I know if I have any room to wiggle. I adjust it and add notes through out out the day.

So far I am feeling pretty good. No head ache yet! (caffeine/sugar detox) I have been hungry more often today than normal. This is due to not eating my whole meal all at once. I will need to find the time in my day to eat each whole meal at a normal pace. This will be something I can work on in the coming weeks.

Stay Tuned

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