Tuesday, June 12, 2012


So after my feeling sorry for myself  all day on Friday and part of Saturday my husband I decided to spend Monday out on the Bay of Green Bay fishing.  So I packed up our cooler and we set off. We don't eat anything heavy when we are out on the boat. (those are worms hiding under the pistachios:))

There was a thick band of rain coming our way, but every other storm this past month has managed to go around us so we decided to give it a shot any way.

It was rough going out but the breeze was warm and the area was not full of pleasure boaters or jet skiers so it was actually very relaxing.

There were vultures, pelicans, rough winged swallows, gulls and cormorants watching over the fisherman in hopes of a free meal.

This was our pelican on patrol!

It was nice that it was overcast! It wasn't so hot as it was on Sunday!  I think it had gotten into the 90's. I am not a fan of hot and muggy!

We watched the storm go around us.  We got dribbled on a little bit, but nothing to complain about or head into shore for!

We did catch a lot of sheep head, one cat fish and two keeper Walleyes:) It may not have been great fishing, but it was awesome to get out on the water to recharge my batteries before going back to work on Tuesday.

 The clouds finally faded away....
...and our pelican on patrol finally got his free meal!

 Stay Tuned


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