Monday, June 18, 2012

The Family Plan

My mom had another stroke late last week.  This time they found three more blockages and surgery is not an option.  Her risks are extremely high for having another stroke. This just seems absolutely dismal to me and of course food became my friend again over the weekend. I did not go the fast food route like last time (I defiantly learned my lesson there), but the amount of food I ate went over my goals.

The Doctor said that her risk may lower a little bit if she changed her diet and started exercising, but at this point it is not reversible. So as a family we discussed our goals for ourselves.  We are going to all push to lose weight as a family.

My sister and I decided to get my parents another exercise bike for their anniversary so they can exercise together. As I try new recipes that turn out great I will pass them on to my mom to try out too!  My Dad has been doing a lot of research about stroke and he has already raided the cupboards and fridge for non-healthy options.  All of which went to the trash!
If we all start making real progress I know it will give my mom hope to push on and make a real change!

So it is time for me to really get serious and quit fooling around with this!! My goal today is to get a concret plan in place and stick to it until April 1st 2013 (my goal date-Florida Vacation!!)  I am going to start with a 17 day jump start. Exercise will be a big part and then making sure that I am eating as clean as possible no matter what my schedule ends up being.  Planning is everything!!!

On my reading list for this week is "The primal Blue Print" by Mark Sisson.  My friend said it is a great book to give me the boost I need.  She reads Mark's Daily Apple everyday and states that there are a lot of great resources on there for healthy eating and exercise, so I will be checking that out too once I get through Mark's book!

Stay Tuned


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