Friday, June 1, 2012

Good Bye Old Friend

Yesterday I had my last McDonalds breakfast meal.  Sausage McMuffin, Hashbrown and a Carmel Frappe. Oh it was so good!!  Why can't vegetables and brown rice be this good?

Then at lunch I had another Carmel Frappe!!Oh Boy!

I enjoyed every last bit of it.  It was like saying good bye to an old friend that I may never see again. I know I will defiantly have to experiment with a healthy version of this yummy goodness, since I am completely abstaining from soda.  I will need a little bit of caffeine now and again.

I decided to add up my McDonald's calories for yesterday and I came up with 1700 Calories!!!!  And 84 grams of fat!!!!


That was just Breakfast and lunch.  That is not even counting my snacks or dinner.  I so need to change the way I eat...I am so looking forward to getting started today.

Day one here I come!

Stay Tuned


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